Line Theme Studio

Line Theme Studio adalah program untuk mengedit dan membuat tema LINE Messanger. Diperuntukan untuk semua kalangan yang ingin membuat tema LINE tanpa pengetahuan tentang file tema.


Berberapa fitur keren

  • Mengedit atau membuat tema
  • Properti editor yang mudah digunakan
  • Mengganti gambar dalam tema
  • Kirim tema ke perangkat android kamu melalui ADB*
  • Dan banyak lagi…

* Memerlukan driver ADB dan driver perangkat android anda untuk menggunakan fitur ini.


Screen Shoot

ltsb_resc ltsb_editor ltsb_prop


Currently, the lastest version is 1.4.1 build 750.

Release Notes

Version 1.4.1 (build 750) – 13 Februari 2017

  • Recompiled from Delphi 2010 to XE2, updating some libraries and also 64-bit build is possible.
  • Fix major bugs on theme.json regenerator on some cases when theme has empty object nodes, causing json parser on TreeView Editor crash when trying to reparse these script.
  • All PNG routines now handles by TPNGImage instead ImagingLib, which have some isues for recompress/decompress PNG Image.
  • Added new VCL style to Application from Delphi XE2.
  • Added new color picker to ease of color changing.
  • Change color Edit control to ComboBox, you can simply click to used color.
  • Tons of minor fixes.
  • Added Theme Information editor, but it’s not editable at this moment. 🙁

Version 1.2.0 (build 580) – 6 Agustus 2016

  • Graphic Library changed from GraphicEx to Vampyre ImagingLib.
  • Solved most picture exporting issues.
  • Changed exception bug reporting dialog to JCL.
  • Fixed application not trigger theme file is changed when exporting or editing picture from picture preview.
  • Fixed program raise exception when undo deleted picture.
  • More minor bugfix.

Version 1.1.1 (build 400) – 16 April 2016

  • Enabled most application features that disabled on version 1.1.0
  • Fixed: Some button are not working
  • Added: Preferences window after disabled in prior builds
  • Added: Compression level setting
  • Added: Enable or disable Welcome window and update checking
  • Added: Fotografix now as External image editor from preview window
  • Added: Ability to export picture from format other than *.png (picture will be converted to png as required from theme specification)
  • Some minor bugfix

Version 1.1.0 (build 372) – 14 April 2016

  • First public beta release
  • Fixes many bugs related to resources handling
  • Some features not yet completed
  • Fixes memory leaks from 3rd party components (NiceSidebar)
  • Most minor bugfix

Version 1.0.0 (build 308) – 14 August 2015

  • Private build only