Khayalan File Splitter and Joiner

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Program ini dibuat untuk membantu dan memudahkan dalam pemisahan, penggabungan, penghitungan Checksum, dan pembandingan file. Program ini ~5-10% lebih cepat daripada FFSJ oleh Le Minh Hoang atau 3-5 kali lebih cepat daripada file splitter populer lainnya karena besaran buffer yang fleksibel dan bisa disesuaikan.


Berberapa fitur keren

  • Memisahkan, Menggabungkan file lebih cepat.
  • Mengenkripsi dan memberi password untuk file dari orang yang tidak berhak, tersedia bermacam-macam jenis enkripsi yang dapat dipilih.
  • Mendekripsi file yang dipassword.
  • Bisa drag and drop file langsung ke aplikasi.
  • Besar buffer yang bisa diubah sesuai kebutuhan.
  • Pengaturan yang bisa diubah.
  • Menghitung checksum/hash file dalam bentuk CRC32 dan MD5.
  • Membandingkan antara dua file dengan metode checksum dan file bytes.
  • Support Unicode.
  • Program ini didistribusikan secara bebas dan gratis!

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Versi terbaru untuk saat ini adalah versi 1.1.2 build 261.

Release Notes

Version History


+ Added
- Removed
* Fixed


Version (29 August 2013)

+ Added: Options to enable or disable update notifcation, where options is introduced in v1.1.1, options not yet implemented.
* Improvements: Better joiner file scanner.
* Fixed: To prevent antivirus misdetection, CryptMod.dll not longer compressed with UPX.
* Fixed: Maximum buffer size not affected on 64 bit variable.
* Fixed: Possible buffer overflow when download update notifcation.
* Fixed: Minor bugfixes.

Version (24 August 2013)

* Fixed: Caching problem in Updater make program can't determine next version correctly.

Version (24 August 2013)

+ Added: Multi engine variable (for x86 and x64) in single program. If file size is determined under 4GB, File Splitter and Joiner will use x86 for speed consideration (up to 2 times faster on Windows x86).
* Improvements: If slice size is lower than it's maximum buffer, application will determine the size memory that same with slice size.
* Improvements: New about box and some dialogs look and feel.
* Fixed: Misdetection on Update Notification.
* Fixed: Small memory leaks on Updater Notification.
* Fixed: Some minor bugfixes.

Version (14 August 2013)

+ Added: Updater notification available. It will check the new updates when internet connection is available.
+ Added: Exception handling in split and join thread.
+ Added: If file acquiring is failed, you will given by option for retry or abort current operation.
+ Added: If current operation still running, you'll be asked to abort current operation or continue the operation.
+ Added: If form is minimized to tray, it's notification for current operation will showing as baloon to tray icon.
+ Added: New language string related to new features.
* Enhancement: File caching tweaks.
* Fixed: Wrong pointer in Int64 cause 4GB filesize not working in version It has different method to calculate file size beetween version 0.9.4 with version 1.0.x.
* Fixed: If file not available on same directory, joiner can't change to the file if it's in different folder.
* Fixed: Minimize to Taskbar not work anyway.

Version (05 August 2013)

+ New redesigned structure of encrypted files. Old encrypted file (v0.9.x) also able for decrypting, althrough user encourage to use this new model. If you want to learn that structure, just contact me.
+ New icon UI make more beauty looks.
+ Some rewrite in Splitter and Joiner.
+ Now encryption and decryption module has separated from main application. You may disable it, if your country prohibits encryption exports.
+ Options at installer that able to install without write any registry entries and system changes (portable installation).
+ Installer now change from Wise to Astrum InstallWizard (, for solve installation problem on newer Windows and new look.
+ Shell context menu intergeration.
+ New help using compiled HTML based, also included new interface guide.
+ New string added in language: CryModNotFound.
- Help tab now deleted as help topics now can found in about tab.
- Resizing main form.
- Intergerated HTML help on application. In order to make EXE smaller without rid the help.
* Updated link to new website.
* File hash checking handling.
* Better thread handling.
* UI enhancement for Windows 8.
* Unicode support for application path execution after joining.
* Many huge bugs related to file handling.
* And many minor fixes.

Version (13 January 2012)

+ Support File over 4GB size (Int64 range, instead of LongWord limitations).
+ Now progress bar show indicator of checksum calculation.
+ Compare textbox in Checksum Compare tab will automatically Uppercase, same as result.
+ Now, form position can be save. You can enable/disable form positioning at Configure tab.
+ File compare mode now able to Pause and Stop, also added progress bar when comparing.
* UI Fixed: now main pages separated by panel, removing button shown issues.
* File joinner doesn't stopped when cancel at file exists confirmation dialog.
* Some description text fixed :D .

Version (3 January 2012)

* Fixed: File splitter doesn't stopped when cancel at file exists confirmation dialog.
* Language Support fixed.

Version (2 January 2012)

* Initial Public Release